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Home Truths About Domestic Violence
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Home Truths About Domestic Violence
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Language of a book: Английский
Publisher: Gardners Books

    While men's violence to women is an everyday culturally supported activity, this reader demonstrates: that men's violence can be curtailed and that women and children can be assisted effectively; that state policies and provision can be improved; and that women can actively participate in the resolution of their difficulties. Bringing together new work and key papers Home Truths About Domestic Violence provides a comprehensive overview and up-to-date account of the progress so far, and identifies what still needs to be done. Areas covered include: * womens experience of violence * childrens experience of violence * personal experiences of the justice system * state policies on violence in the US and UK * educational programmes and initiatives. This substantial Reader makes a significant contribution to the understanding of domestic violence from both a policy and a practice perspective. Together with its companion volume Home Truths About Child Sexual Abuse it provides an in-depth resource for a wide range of teachers, students and professionals, highlighting the diverse and complex dimensions of the problem of domestic violence.

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